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Societies as we know them today have been shaped by struggles and battles for freedom on countless frontlines. The Black Panther Party in what was socialist United States was ones described by its president as the ‘greatest threat to the the internal security of the country.’ EMORY DOUGLAS’ art of the time offers an insight into this intriguing period of nationalism discourse. Take a look and from from Douglas in this Jon Daniel interview. .

EMORY DOUGLAS is described in this recent Jon Daniel interview for Design Week 4 Corners as a Revolutionary Artist, Designer and Minister of Culture of The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense (1967-80). ACU|BIEN is happy to share what Daniel says is ‘his proudest moment’ Read more here :

St Vincent and the Grenadines at Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony - Can’t help myself! #VincyToDeBone #Vincy #SVG

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